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Trading Time Frame
What sort of trader are you? Are you a long term swing trader or a day trader? Having this knowledge enables you to design the main time frame for your system. Even though you will still need multiple time frames, having the main one is advantageous.
Moving Averages
An excellent example of an indicator is the Moving Averages. Trading systems use two of these indicators, a fast one and a slow one. When the fast one crosses over the slow one, it yields a moving average cross over trend signal
Determine Main Indicatiors
Indicators are a crucial part of a trading system. They are used to pick out markets trends and draw signals for traders. Therefore, you want indicators that will detect these trends as early as possible.

Try Various Indicators
After identification of the trend, you will need another indicator to confirm it. A good example here is the Stochastic and RSI indicators. It is good to try out various indicators and pick your desired ones.
Forex Trading
High Risk
Forex trading has high risks, and one can incur a lot of loses if not done correctly.
Automated Trading
Automated trading removes emotional finance behaviors which if not checked result in revenge trading.
Save Time
Traders no longer have to be present to generate profits from their trades, thanks to automated trading systems.
Relax and Enjoy
All you need to do is set your desired instructions and go for a cup of coffee or whatever takes your fancy.
Good Strategy
It is good to have a trading strategy before delving in the world of forex trading.
Put to the Test
Before putting your approach to work, test it on an automated trading system as a set of rules and see if it works.
Become a Better Trader
How it Works
The first step in getting into forex trading is choosing your favorite broker. Brokers are forex trading companies that you invest in and carry out your trades through their systems and pay them a little commission for every profitable trade.

A good broker company should be registered under a national regulatory board. It should also work hand in hand with a reputable bank in case of bankruptcy. The broker should also provide you with the necessary support and trading tools; some offer their clients free trading courses. Security of your investment should also be guaranteed from cyber hackers.

If you are getting started in the world of quantitative finance, then automated trading is an excellent starting point for you. Some automated trading applications such as MetaTrader allow you to practice with demo accounts; enabling you to earn enough experience before you get into live trading.
Forex Trade
Forex Trades
Trading and Leverage
After registration and depositing your investments, you will be set to go. This where leverage comes in.

Broker companies offer you leverage. Leverage allows you to trade with the amount more than what is in your account. If you have $500 in your account, and your broker gives you leverage of 2: 1, it means that you can trade up to $1000 in the market.

This is a doubled edged sword. It allows you to make big trades hence big profits or significant losses when things go wrong. Rule of thump; always starts with the lowest leverage as some companies will give you up to 400:1 leverage.
Improve Your Trading Skills
Forex Trader
Entry and Exit
Trade entry is the point at which you place your trade. Once all your system indicators match and the signal is at its strongest; you have two entry options

• Wait until the candles close
• Enter before the candle closes

Many traders believe it is prudent to wait until that particular candle closes as it is always the last trend confirmation.

Exiting a trade is closing an open trade. There are many options when it comes to closing trades in Forex trading.

• The first one is tracking your stop in that you move your stop with the same amount the price has changed.

• Set target; in this method, you place your mark which closes automatically when achieved. Support and resistance graphs are essential when using this strategy.

• The last option is to set a fixed amount of pips which when achieved the trade closes automatically
Know the Risks
As the last step of setting up your trading system, you have to write down the rules and adhere to them. Forex trading requires a lot of patience and discipline.
The Risks
Forex trading is a risky business where you can lose thousands in a matter of seconds, so make sure you know the risks.
Be Smart
You need to define the amount of money you are ready to part with while developing a trading system
Have Focus
Most amateur traders focus too much on the profits and end up making losses., so be sure to have the right focus.
Trade Safe
Having a definite risk in your trading system will tell you when to stop and when to throw yourself into the Market head first.
Know The Risks
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